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Wedding Music Nova Scotia

Wedding Music Nova Scotia

Guitarist Kevin Perkins

Kevin is a classical/jazz guitarist. He performs a variety of styles, and has a love for many different styles of music. Kevin has created a unique style. He has been a popular guitarist in and around Nova Scotia and other parts of Canada for over 25 years. During his career Kevin has travelled throughout Nova Scotia performing at private parties, weddings and corporate functions. Kevin will entertain you and your guests with his exciting and varied repertoire with styles to suit your requirements, creating a very special atmosphere that will ensure your wedding and/or reception is truly unforgettable. An experienced, professional guitarist with many diverse guitar styles Kevin Perkins is one of Nova Scotia's finest guitarist, available to perform at weddings and special events. His repertoire consists of standard wedding ceremony music, extensive baroque and classical music selections, and contemporary standards including popular, jazz, and show tunes. Whether you are planning an intimate wedding ceremony or a large corporate event, he would be happy to assist you in choosing the best music to meet your needs and budget.

Kevin's Chamber Group

The Telemann Quartet is a group of musicians in central Nova Scotia who have been playing and performing together since 1999. We play Baroque and early Classical music for concerts, weddings and receptions, choosing music carefully to suit the occasion. We are based in the Annapolis Valley, but travel the province for engagements. Our current repertoire includes music by Corelli, Mozart, Vivaldi, and Bach, as well as our specialty, the beautiful quartets of George Philipp Telemann, which suit us especially well. This music is light and charming, in the transitional style between Baroque and Classical music.


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